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ArchChat is the world’s first chat platform for design and construction projects. It is headquartered in Singapore and has an innovation lab in Gurgaon, India. ArchChat is founded by Chetan K Singh, an interior designer.

ArchChat is one of a kind platform that brings architects, designers, project owners, engineering consultants, contractors, product manufacturers, their dealers and art galleries together. So they can be in sync and instantly converse about each and every aspect of their projects. While conversing, project collaborators can convert any conversation to a task and improve project management.

ArchChat enables professionals, firms and product manufacturers to go global by publishing their services, products and useful content like designs, articles and videos. The content on the platform inspires users, as well as, connects them to international professionals and product manufacturers. This enhances projects by bringing global expertise and creative products to them.

By combining collaboration and content together, ArchChat has empowered individuals and small firms to become global players through strategic alliances with other like-minded professionals, who bring varied expertise to the table. Now a small design and construction firm can not only market and get projects from across the world, but also execute them with no sweat by partnering with professionals in different cities and countries. Small and medium-sized manufacturers can not only reach out to the global design community, but also collaborate on projects efficiently.

ArchChat has been brought to the design and construction industry after years of dedication and multiple iterations on the part of the team behind it. The people who have built ArchChat are not just techies, but design professionals who are aware of the issues faced by the team managing the projects. There are many new innovations in ArchChat, for which global patents have been applied. The ArchChat team has not stopped innovating. New ideas that further add value to the lives of our users are conceived every day.

ArchChat aims to reduce costs of design and construction projects by making collaboration efficient, saving time so projects are completed earlier, creating new business opportunities and adding value for product sellers by connecting them to new buyers. In addition to being an innovative organisation, ArchChat aims to do its bit for society too.