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Design studios partner with other design studios
Design studios find engineering consultants
Design studios work with contractors
Design studios collaborate with 3D design studios

Be a local studio for global peers

Design studios work on global projects across cities and countries. In such scenarios, they need to partner with local studios. With ArchChat, you can make sure your studio is the first to be found by them.


Partner with international studios and put yourself on the map

When you offer cost advantage, high creativity and top quality service, new business will automatically flow from international partners and clients.


There's a need for talented engineering consultants in the market.

Work with design studios from across the world. They share their architectural drawings with you, and you provide them engineering drawings, resulting in a mutually beneficial partnership.


Studios are always on the lookout for new contractors.

Publish general contracting, civil contracting, electrical, plumbing, fire- fighting or other contracting services. This way you can connect with studios that may be looking for you.


Take advantage of outsourced 3D design work

Publish your 3D design services and connect with new designers. This may help you win new business.

Share content to make an impression on industry peers

Currently, platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin are used to gain visibility in professional circles. But with ArchChat you can publish designs, videos, and articles and build your brand among those who can be future collaborators.


Become a partner

ArchChat’s Invite and Earn Program automatically credits your account with 25% of what others invited by you pay ArchChat. That's because we believe in partnering with our users.