Get more projects done
in less time

One platform
to get all project collaborators
in sync

When people working on your projects use email, they are never really connected to you. Conversations over email are not quick, even when they need to be. On the other hand, ArchChat lets you chat privately or in groups with all collaborators, instantly.


Conversations minus the clutter

Your inbox remains cluttered with thousands of email chains. Multiple messaging groups show unrelated messages to unrelated people. Tracking conversations is impossible. But now with ArchChat, you can track conversations for each project space.

Manage tasks without being a project manager

Tasks are often assigned verbally, through emails or messages. They are never trackable. In ArchChat, a single click converts any chat into a task. Tasks chase assignees until completed so no one forgets what needs to be done. Assign tasks not only to your team but also to other collaborators.


Access quality content

Searching content on Google can often lead you astray. Saving content on your device, then sharing it through email or messaging apps can be cumbersome too. Add products and designs to projects from Gallery and Google inside ArchChat with just one click, and save on office hours.


Your design library on the cloud

Maintain a private design library on ArchChat. You and your team access this library, which enables your team to collaborate effortlessly on projects.


Sort all your documents in one place

Your project documents remain scattered in multiple emails, messaging groups, file folders and laptops. ArchChat saves all drawings, documents, designs, and products in respective project spaces.


Back and forth with clients
can now be hassle-free

Client approvals and feedback are either verbal or scattered in mails and messaging groups. ArchChat lets you track approvals and change requests in respective project spaces.


Find and collaborate with outsourcing partners

On ArchChat you can build a team of outsourced partners from any corner of the world. The cost of services among firms and freelancers differs across geographies. By adopting an outsourcing model you can reduce fixed monthly costs. Plus have a lean team with a global footprint.