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ArchChat - be part of designers work group

Be part of the designer's project chat group

ArchChat automatically adds you as a collaborator when your product listed with us is added by designers to their projects. You can communicate with designers through instant chats to service prospective buyers. This is much better than email which slows responses, impacting service quality.

ArchChat - stay connected with dealersArchChat - stay connected with dealers

Stay connected with your dealers

ArchChat connects you with your dealers, so you can instantly chat with them, privately or in groups. Furthermore, you can also convert chats into tasks that are trackable. Today you use email to communicate with your dealers, slowing communication and disconnecting you from your partners.

Create a virtual marketing & sales network

Invite your global dealers to ArchChat. When you join a designer’s project group as a collaborator, you can add your local dealer as a collaborator. While you service designers ex-factory, your dealer services them locally.

ArchChat - build a virtual marketing network

Stay connected with your teams

ArchChat connects your marketing, sales, procurement, production, logistics, finance and other teams so they can instantly chat privately or in groups. Furthermore, anyone can convert chats into trackable tasks. Working remotely will no longer be a challenge.

ArchChat - team collaboration